Carrie, Family & Mason

puppy trainingRecently we adopted a dog from a rescue organization. After bringing him home I found that this was not going to be as easy as I had expected. Our new dog Mason was becoming more work than I could handle and we were actually becoming afraid of him. I considered returning him, but I could tell that there was a sweet dog in there and we were so in love with him and wanted to make sure that we had tried everything. I was referred to Prescott and quickly emailed him. I told him the behaviors and he was confident that we could fix Mason. Prescott arrived ready to work with his own delicious treats!! He came in and noticed right away what our problem was….Mason ran our house!! I had become afraid of Mason and now he was very confused. The techniques that he showed me were so easy and were taught in such a loving way. We noticed Mason’s behaviors changing right away. He taught me that my dog is just gentle giant. It was so amazing seeing this sweet, mellow, relaxed dog emerge! In just two hours Prescott gave me the skills to make our home peaceful again. His prices were very reasonable and since our session he has checked in with us and also given me some book recommendations. I truly felt that he cared. The way he treats people and dogs showed us that he was a true animal lover and fabulous dog trainer. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Pamela & Galahad

dog trainingPrescott, whose love of dogs is evident upon observing his interaction with many dogs, has a natural talent for transforming the sometimes stubborn ways of our beloved four legged friends. My dog Galahad often exhibits a mind of his own. I have taken him to obedience classes and worked daily in training but Galahad, a most loving and intelligent Golden Retriever, was only interested in obeying the commands when he was in the mood or not distracted. After spending several training sessions with Prescott, Galahad has become so focused, eager to please, and now shows utmost respect for my wishes. Amazing. If your dog doesn’t always mind you and you need a bit of help from someone with love and gentleness, you should let your dog meet Prescott.

Barbara & Turk

puppy training seattleWhen Turk first saw Prescott he acted like he finely reunited with his long lost best friend. It was love at first sight! He had absolutely no expression of fear or aggression towards this man. However, he was able to observe Turks aggression towards a few people at the park and then at this time I was able to learn techniques on how to handle him. Prescott is a talented trainer with a great love for dogs. Turk was so much calmer and the techniques I learned made a difference the first day.

Laura & Layla

In my third year of college (out of state) I decided to rescuebest dog training seattle a dog. What I didn’t know was that she was severely abused and had more insecurities than any dog I had ever seen. No trainer I talked to seem to have a grasp on how to tackle her issues but I thanked my lucky stars when I met Prescott! He is beyond what many of us refer to as a dog whisperer, but he is very modest so he would never say so himself. Layla made progress faster than I ever thought possible. Now she can walk down to street without reacting to every single dog, greet a stranger with a “say hi” command and walk calmly into the vet.

He truly understands dog behavior and most importantly he understands how dogs think and what is needed to reprogram (so to speak) and create strong positive interactions for a dog. When I got her she hated men but Prescott was “the cookie man” and from day one she was absolutely crazy about him. Within a few sessions Prescott had Layla walking off leash which wasn’t even the intended goal. We worked on desensitization with strange dogs on leash. We worked on her fear of the vet, men positive dog training seattleand strange objects. He can not only find a solution to any dogs troubles but he takes the time to “train” the human and teach us what he is doing, why it works and how to keep working on the issues long after he is around.

I can’t say enough about Prescott and anyone looking for a trainer for any issue, big or small, should consult Prescott. If we didn’t move to Los Angeles we would still be working with him, there is always more to learn, even if its just for Layla and I to learn one of the thousands of dog games Prescott knows to keep my dog healthy and happy!

Michelle, Bean & Lapis

puppy trainingI started working with The Pawsitive Packleader after Beanie’s brother Bud passed away, hoping to shift the routine a bit and focus her on something other than the gap left by Bud’s absence. My goal was primarily to get her into better shape and Dog Obesity, Canine Weight Lossgive her something new to look forward to. Beanie absolutely loved exercising with Richard; she is a very high energy dog, a 6 year old puppy. It became very obvious during the program that Beanie hadn’t been getting enough exercise, and she was so much happier with both the right amount of exercise and a nutritionally balanced diet. I didn’t have any idea how much and what type of exercise she needed, and how much better my life would be with her getting it! We have kept the workouts up, and Patti has been tremendous helping me maintain her new diet. I love the fantastic shape she is now in physically, but the biggest difference is how much calmer she is. It is so wonderful to come home now and see the dog that was always waiting to emerge. I am so glad to have Richard working with her, he sends pictures of her training and we talk regularly about what she is working on, any behavioral issues and what to do about them. He has a wealth of knowledge about dogs, and a genuine love and affinity for them – and them for him.

And let me tell you more about Lapis and Beanie’s new diet! They love their new diet and I love making it for them! I have been having a blast collecting ingredients on sale and then I make about 3 weeks worth at a time for them. I have gotten it down to less than a dollar a day for the homemade food. There are a ton of differences — immediately the most noticeable is their coat — it is so shiny, and they hardly shed at all anymore. In addition, a friend of mine who used to have an allergic reaction to them every time he came over doesnt even get a sniffle now, and they crawl all over him! Lapis has a lot more energy too — she is downright frisky when I come home from work now, it’s so wonderful. Another thing is the huge decrease in the amount of poo they produce. A lot fewer doggie bags each walk, which makes me VERY happy!

Pam, Chris & Rocco

Chris and RoccoThese guys are amazing! Even though we dearly love our little dog we were at our wits end and considered surrendering him to a rescue. That’s when a friend recommended The Pawsitive Packleader. Our dog was aggressive at the door with strangers and had the habit of biting anyone who entered. Through their diligent and patient assistance we were able to cure our dog’s bad behavior.

We can’t recommend them highly enough!

Jonathan & Conan

puppy trainingPrescott was incredibly helpful when I got my first Leonberger puppy this past fall.  He was very patient with my puppy (and me) as we worked to get Conan settled in my home. The entire process went smoother than I could have hoped for largely due to Prescott's help.  Prescott devoted a lot of time and energy to finding good practical solutions and smoothing out the inevitable bumps in the road I faced with a new dog. Conan still loves seeing Prescott, Richard and Patti, and I continue to ask them for guidance as my puppy matures and different challenges unfold.