Giving back to the community

Everyday we are so thankful for what we do, but we know it is only a start.  Like many, The Pawsitive Packleader started off volunteering and working with dogs in shelters.  However, as many of you know, there is only so much an animal can learn while in a high state of anxiety, and so the company focus shifted to working in family homes to try and prevent dogs from being surrendered to shelters.  With six years of incredible success, we feel it is time to give back to the countless dogs that are sleeping on concrete floors and behind cages; some who are strays and others who were simply too much of a burden on their owners.  These sentient beings–who are capable of joy, happiness and love, as well as sadness, pain, and suffering–must never be forgotten.  We currently donate a percentage of our proceeds to Best Friends, ASPCA, and Homeward Pet Adoption Center. We do this with the hope that we can help be a stimulus for change in the lives of companions who are still in search of their forever-home.