The Pawsitive Packleader is a specialist in handling aggression.  Most trainers focus on eliminating the visual signs of aggression that are merely symptoms.  However, this doesn’t change the cause of the underlying problem.  Because aggression is neurological, it is imperative to have an understanding of how aggression is chemically produced in the brain in order to create a program that addresses the root of the behavior.  We then create training sessions that are specifically designed to lower your dog’s sensitivity towards other dogs, strangers, or anything else they are displaying aggressive behavior towards.  Our team works by your side to teach you what causes aggression, how to manage it, and how to modify it.  For dog aggression cases, we have a second trainer present to help manage training sessions, control or act as the decoy, and help ensure everyone’s safety.  Many injuries that come from aggression work are due to a lack of skilled and qualified trainers present.  We also teach clients how they can see a bite coming several seconds before it actually happens to help ensure proper management and training in the future.

Dog Aggression Training

Does my dog have aggression?

Most clients are very surprised to discover that their growling, snarling or biting dog doesn’t have an aggression problem.  This video-still is actually not from one of our aggression cases but a puppy play video.  Aggressive or scary behavior can result from fear, play (photo above), genetics, frustration, or true aggression, so because these behaviors look almost identical, it is imperative that you contact a specialist right away if your dog guards, growls, snarls, muzzle punches or bites you in any way.  Our aggression specialist will give you a clear diagnosis of your dog’s type of aggression and how it can be fixed without harming your dog with traditional techniques, which rely on physical and emotional pain.