Philosophy on Dog Training in Seattle

Dogs don’t behave “good” or “bad”. Their behavior is a product of their unique genetic temperament and their learning history. In order to create long-lasting results, training must address the cause of a problem – not the symptoms. If you’re looking for effective dog training in Seattle, give The Pawsitive Packleader a call. Our methods focus on teaching our clients how to build communication and trust through an advanced understanding of canine social structure and animal learning theory. We practice force free positive training methods only.

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Our goal is to be able to begin work with each client as soon as possible following our initial evaluation. We are not excepting new clients at the moment, but are happy to put you on our waitlist, which is currently 2 months out. Please fill out the following information to be added to our waitlist and we will contact you as soon as there is an opening.

Request to be added to our waitlist