Separation anxiety is often treated much like reactive behavior.  Before we knew any better, trainers and behaviorists believed that desensitizing the departure of a dog’s owner was the key to success.  Unfortunately most trainers still approach this behavior in the same way, despite very little results, leaving thousands of dogs in emotional pain every time their owners close the door behind them.  Separation anxiety has to be treated like human attachment disorder because dogs will never be successfully desensitized to their owner’s departure.  Dogs may not be capable of understanding existential theories of the universe, but they know intuitively that their owner is linked to their survival.

dog separation anxiety

Our methods focus on building trust and teaching a dog how to manipulate their environment in positive ways.  Once we do this, dogs become capable of coping with their owner’s absence and have significantly less risk of relapsing into old behavior patterns.

In addition to our higher success rates, we do not charge advanced behavior rates for separation anxiety like many trainers do.  Regardless if your dog is suffering from mild or severe separation anxiety,  we will come in, create a plan, and show you how to achieve success at no additional cost to our standard training rates.