What we put in our body (and our dog’s body) transforms who we are and how we are in the world. Every molecule that our body uses to grow and live comes from the nutrition we eat.

dog nutritionWhen our dogs are not getting what their bodies need, the body uses other body reserves to feed it, causing a state of malnourishment.

Some of the effects of malnourishment in the form of chronic illness may be:

Itchy skin
Ear infections
Drippy eyes
Allergies (food and pet)
Arthritic conditions

Effects of malnourishment may also be in the form of behavior issues. For example, malnourished humans scream, slam doors, honk horns, get depressed, etc.

For dogs it more closely resembles:

Excessive Barking
Excessive Chewing
‘Unprovoked’ or ‘Unexplained’ Aggression
Fence Running

puppy nutrition

Pawsitive Packleader offers general nutrition recommendations designed with help from canine nutritionist, Patti Howard. For specialized nutrition specific consultation, please contact Patti directly at: www.yourcanineresource.com