private dog trainingWhether you have a brand new puppy or an adult dog with mild to serious behavioral issues, our private training is second to none.  Our training focuses on building trust and communication so you never need to succumb to bribery or intimidation in your life with your dog ever again.

We work with all breeds, all behaviors, all sizes, but most importantly, we work with you.  Great results require great collaboration and our trainers are as passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise with you as they are working with your dog(s). We offer a variety of packages, which are listed below.

How do we start?

Behavior Evaluation – $150: This is a 2-hour session where we will sit down with you in the comfort of your home to diagnose your doggie woes and dilemmas.  Daily routines, diet, and behavior problems are explored and examined fully to make sure that all future training addresses the causes of the problems and not the symptoms.  Our in-depth evaluation will inform you what is causing Fido’s behavior problems and will outline a plan with how to modify those behaviors.  It is common for clients to learn that numerous behavior problems can stem from a single cause.

Adult Dog Training Packages

GOLD  $1,000 – Eight 90-minute training sessions (once or twice per week)

Recommended for dogs who have had little or no formal training or the dog has significant, challenging behaviors. You will be given homework to practice all the concepts and behaviors taught during the previous session.

SILVER  $800Six 90-minute training sessions (once per week)

Recommended for dogs who have already had some training, and the owner is looking to fine tune comprehension and compliance, or may be struggling with moderately challenging behaviors.

BRONZE  $600 – Four 90-minute training sessions (once per week)

Recommended for dogs who have already had a significant amount of training, and the owner is looking to fine tune the dog’s comprehension and compliance.

DAY TRAINING   $1,700Fourteen 60-minute sessions (3 per week with dog only; 1 per week with people; 2 follow-up)

Recommended for people with busy lives and tight schedules.  We will come to your home 3 times per week for 3 weeks to directly train your dog.  At the end of every week, you will have a transfer session with the dog and trainer to pass on what your dog learned that week, how and when to use it, and ways to progress and maintain the behavior in the future. Some dogs may be invited to join our play & train group to facilitate their day training.

dog training WAVery Important Puppy (VIP) Training Packages

Getting a new puppy can be a daunting and frustrating experience when suddenly you have a two-month-old peeing, pooping, barking, chewing, ball of uncontrollable cuteness.  It is imperative to understand that training for puppies is the most critical training they will ever receive, no matter the breed!

One of the many reasons why we get the best results is because we design a training program based on your puppy and your lifestyle.  We intimately understand how temperament and learning combine into a dog’s behavior, so our puppy training from day 1 is designed and focused on what your puppy’s specific needs are genetically, behaviorally, and developmentally.  Puppies cannot receive the training they need to ensure a lifetime of success in a 6-week group training class that is no more specialized than a swiss army knife.  Many of our aggression cases are dogs who attended puppy kindergartens; they all had great obedience but their breed considerations were unknown or completely ignored.  The cold truth is that the majority of all aggression cases result from a lack of breed-specific training before the age of 12-16 weeks.  

BASIC PACKAGE  $900 – Eight 90-minute training sessions (once or twice per week)

Recommended for all the VERY IMPORTANT PUPPIES from 2 –  12 months of age. Puppy will learn all basic manners and learn to become a well-adjusted and polite member of the family.    

PUPPY PLAY AND TRAIN PROGRAM  $1,600Fourteen 60-minute sessions (3 per week with dog only; 1 per week with people; 2 follow-up)

Our comprehensive puppy program is recommended for people with busy lives and tight schedules. We address all aspects and stages of puppy development to set your dog up to be a successful and well-adjusted canine good citizen” – both presently and in their future.  We will provide information on multiple resources, including but not limited to types of bedding, kennels, toys, and dog socialization options. We can help facilitate and guide you to the best additional resources necessary for your puppy to be well adjusted and fulfilled in every aspect of their development.

All training packages include:

Custom Tailored Training Program:  Training sessions are tailored to your needs and your lifestyle within our 4-week paradigm, so whether you have hours of time for training or just a couple minutes a day, your companion will grow into the balanced, happy, compliant dog you dream about.

Instructional and Comprehensive Training:  Our behavior and training specialists will teach you the technical skills needed to ensure a lifetime of success.  We will get you rolling towards your goals with sessions that are comprehensive, informative, and fun for both you and Fido!

Free Lifetime Email Support:  We have a very important motto here at The Pawsitive Packleader.  We charge for our service, not our time, and so along those lines we encourage all of our clients to email us with any questions they have, even if their last session was years ago.