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Private Dog Training

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Whether your dog has mild or serious behavioral issues, our private training is second to none. Our training focuses on building trust and communication so you never need to succumb to bribery or intimidation in your life with your dog ever again.

We work with all breeds, all behaviors, all sizes, but most importantly, we work with you. Great results require great collaboration and our trainers are as passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise with you as they are working with your dog(s).


Master Training

1-on-1 sessions happen once or twice per week in your home and you will be given homework to practice all the concepts and behaviors taught during the previous session.

In 4 – 6 weeks your dog will learn and perform (despite distance, duration, or distraction):

  • Come: When called, every time!
  • Heel: Sit beside you
  • Settle: Go lie down and relax
  • Leave It: Ignore something
  • Drop: Let go, spit something out
  • Sit, Stand and Down: Basic body positioning
  • Back Up: Step backwards
  • Stay: Don’t move
  • Wait: Waiting at open doors, food bowls, etc. – practices arousal control
  • Touch: Targeting exercise that focuses their energy to one place
  • Say Hi: Polite greeting with strangers
  • Up and Off: Hop up or down from the car, or furniture (e.g. bed, couch, chair)
  • Loose Leash Walking: Walk politely without pulling
  • Door Manners: Sit/wait while greeting guests
  • General Manners: No jumping, illegal chewing, nipping, or general naughtiness
  • Advanced Training Games: Stimulus discrimination drills, free-shaping, behavior chaining

How do we start?

Behavior Evaluation: This is a 2-hour session where one of our behavior specialists sits down with you in the comfort of your home to diagnose your doggie woes and dilemmas. Daily routines, diet, and behavior problems are explored and examined fully to make sure that all future training addresses the causes of the problems and not the symptoms. Our in-depth evaluation will inform you what is causing Fido’s behavior problems and will outline a plan with how to modify those behaviors. It is common for clients to learn that numerous behavior problems can stem from a single cause.

What does Master Training come with?

Custom Tailored Training Program: Training sessions are tailored to your needs and your lifestyle within our 4-week paradigm, so whether you have hours of time for training or just a couple minutes a day, your companion will grow into the balanced, happy, compliant dog you dream about.

Instructional and Comprehensive Training: Our behavior and training specialists will teach you the technical skills needed to ensure a lifetime of success. We will get you rolling towards your goals with sessions that are comprehensive, informative, and fun for both you and Fido!

Free Lifetime Phone and Email Support: We have a very important motto here at The Pawsitive Packleader. We charge for our service, not our time, and so along those lines we encourage all of our clients to call or email us with any questions they have, even if their last session was years ago. click here.

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V.I.P. – Very Important Puppy

Seattle Dog Training and Puppy TrainingGetting a new puppy can be a daunting and frustrating experience when suddenly you have a two-month-old peeing, pooping, barking, chewing, ball of uncontrollable cuteness. It is imperative to understand that training for puppies is the most critical training they will ever receive. We know puppies so well that if you sign up for our in-home V.I.P. Program, we will give you a Lifetime Support at no extra charge! No matter the breed! Even dogs who are described by insurance companies as so-called “loaded guns” including: Akitas, German Shepherds, Dobermans, and Rottweilers.

One of the many reasons why we get the best results is because we design a training program based on your puppy and your lifestyle. We intimately understand how temperament and learning combine into a dog’s behavior, so our puppy training from day 1 is designed and focused on what your puppy’s specific needs are genetically, behaviorally, and developmentally. Puppies cannot receive the training they need to ensure a lifetime of success in a 6-week group training class that is no more specialized than a swiss army knife. Many of our aggression cases are dogs who attended puppy kindergartens; they all had great obedience but their breed considerations were unknown or completely ignored. The cold truth is that the majority of all aggression cases result from a lack of breed-specific training before the age of 12-16 weeks.

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Aggression Specialist

The Pawsitive Packleader is a specialist in handling aggression. Most trainers focus on eliminating the visual signs of aggression that are merely symptoms. However, this doesn’t change the cause of the underlying problem. Because aggression is neurological, it is imperative to have an understanding of how aggression is chemically produced in the brain in order to create a program that addresses the root of the behavior. We then create training sessions that are specifically designed to lower your dog’s sensitivity towards other dogs, strangers, or anything else they are displaying aggressive behavior towards. Our team works by your side to teach you what causes aggression, how to manage it, and how to modify it. Many injuries that come from aggression work are due to a lack of skilled and qualified trainers present. We also teach clients how they can see a bite coming several seconds before it actually happens to help ensure proper management and training in the future.

seattle dog training aggression

Does my dog have aggression?

Most clients are very surprised to discover that their growling, snarling or biting dog doesn’t have an aggression problem. This video-still is actually not from one of our aggression cases but a puppy play video. Aggressive or scary behavior can result from fear, play (photo above), genetics, frustration, or true aggression, so because these behaviors look almost identical, it is imperative that you contact a specialist right away if your dog guards, growls, snarls, muzzle punches or bites you in any way. Our aggression specialist will give you a clear diagnosis of your dog’s type of aggression and how it can be fixed without harming your dog with traditional techniques, which rely on physical and emotional pain.

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Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is often treated much like reactive behavior. Before we knew any better, trainers and behaviorists believed that desensitizing the departure of a dog’s owner was the key to success. Unfortunately most trainers still approach this behavior in the same way, despite very little results, leaving thousands of dogs in emotional pain every time their owners close the door behind them. Separation anxiety has to be treated like human attachment disorder because dogs will never be successfully desensitized to their owner’s departure. Dogs may not be capable of understanding existential theories of the universe, but they know intuitively that their owner is linked to their survival.

separation anxiety, dog separation stress, destruction, chewing, barking

Our methods focus on building trust and teaching a dog how to manipulate their environment in positive ways. Once we do this, dogs become capable of coping with their owner’s absence and have significantly less risk of relapsing into old behavior patterns.

In addition to our higher success rates, we do not charge advanced behavior rates for separation anxiety like many trainers do. Regardless if your dog is suffering from mild or severe separation anxiety, we will come in, create a plan, and show you how to achieve success at no additional cost to our standard training rates. If your dog is suffering from separation anxiety, contact us today.

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