We spent two hours tdoay shooting new video footage for a Pawsitive Packleader promotional video.  The dynamics of doing photoshoots with dogs is quite interesting.  While having an excellently trained dog helps, it’s far from everything.  It itakes a lot of creativity to figure out “how can I get my dog to do X behavior while making it look natural?”

What has is phenominally helpful actually is just basic obedience.  Move here, sit, stay, watch, move here, down, etc.  Wotan is great at that, so shots with requirements of those sorts were not too difficult.  However, when we wanted to get certain specific positions he was not an ace.  For example, he’d sit but he’d rather sit with his hip to the left, rather then the right.  Galahad on the other hand is amazing.  While he is not quite as good on the general obedience (still good, but nothing like Wotan) Galahad is superb at letting you manipulate his body.  It’s like playing with clay, and this is something that is also very advantagous for doing photo shoots.  It takes a lot more time to evoke many desired behaviors or positions from a dog than to just lift one paw here, another paw here, tilt his head and say “stay”.

The video should hopefully be completed by early next week so stay tuned!

In training,

The Pawsitive Packleader